Friday, May 26, 2006

HOW Many Kids?

"So, are you guys Catholic or Mormon?"

That's a typical question that Molly and I get whenever someone hears for the first time that we're the parents of eight (count 'em) children.

"Why yes, we're Catholic, how did you know?"

I was actually surprised at how low the 'Catholic threshold' can be nowadays. When our third child was born, I took a box of candy to work, along with a brief birth announcement, and left them by the coffee station. One of my co-workers dropped by my cubicle later, and asked how many kids we had now. I told her this was our third.

"THREE KIDS!" she sputtered. "Are you guys Catholic?"

So now, you get the Catholic jokes with three kids? Sheesh.

One time Molly was grocery shopping with whichever of the kids was the youngest at the time. Another woman, noticing the exceptional cuteness of the baby, approached her to chat. "Is he your first?" Informed that, no indeed, he was the youngest of whatever large number was current at the time, the woman stepped back with a look of shocked horror. "How could you have so many?" she gasped. Molly smiled sweetly, leaned in conspiratorially, and whispered, "We REALLY like sex!"

I love my wife.

I actually came across a snappy comeback a while ago, that I'm just waiting for an opportunity to use - "Eight kids? How many are you planning to have?" "Who knows, we're only halfway through the Kama Sutra."

Heh, heh, heh. . .

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